Do You Have Your Accountabilibuddy?

Your accountabilibuddy is you! Are you holding yourself accountable?

Your immediate answer may be “Of course I do.” However, is that true? Today we are going to take a hard look in the mirror and see if you truly are holding yourself accountable. By now you are familiar with the basic principles of how to eat properly and are on top of your training. So what is holding you back? Perhaps you have stored this information away, although you can recall it, you haven’t quite implemented these facts into your life wholeheartedly. These principles come into play every so often when you motivate yourself to start fresh, but why did you stop to begin with?

A teacher holds their students accountable for applying and proving that they have learned the information at hand, now is the time to hold yourself accountable. Yes, your trainer may check in every so often to see how your diet is going, however, that is out of concern and their willing spirit to help. Once you leave the gym, you are accountable for every choice and every option you make. That one glass of wine, that one cookie; it will make a difference. So from right now and moving forward: No more lying to yourself, no more compromising, you owe your body the best of care. You deserve to fuel your body properly and see the benefits that this course will have for you.

The same holds true when you come in to train or attend a class. If you are not giving 100% of what you have that day, you are not holding yourself accountable. You are cheating on your work out. No more shorting the reps,no more taking the ‘easy’ way out, if you can do more, DO IT! You will only see progress from the hard work you invest in yourself.

Ask yourself:

  • Aren’t my goals worth the effort?
  • Am I being completely honest with myself?
  • Why am I cheating myself?

When it comes to anything in life, whether it is your diet, your training, or your goals, YOU are the only one who can hold yourself accountable. YOU are the only who can make a difference in your life. YOU are the one who can make the changes needed to improve your life and get you closer to your goals. START TODAY!

Squeeze Ya Glutes


If you train at AMP you have heard this saying hundred of times over. We even have shirts with it printed across them, because this has become such a common phrase to hear. So by now you understand the emphasis we place on contracture of your gluteal muscles in every movement and exercises, but do you know why? Why do you “Squeeze ya Glutes”?

Your glutes are amazing stabilizers throughout different movements especially when it comes to walking. They help maintain proper alignment of your pelvis and hips. When lifting weights they help guarantee proper form and maximal strength. Strengthening this integral muscle group will help not only your lifts but your movement patterns as well. At Active Movement and Performance, we’re kind of big on moving properly, so training your butt is always on our agenda.

Did you know that strong glutes can prevent back pain? Its true! when many people perform an exercise, if they do not contract them, they are guaranteed to have poor form. Lets take the plank for example, yes even in the plank you need your butt to do some work.  If you allow your glutes to just sit there inactive, other muscles have to pick up the slack and that means improper function. After a while of allowing the them to be lazy they will shut off, our common sedentary lifestyles already aid too much in this, so we become predisposed to gluteal inactivity. Now when we go to perform a plank, other muscles are overworking. a muscle called “psaos” comes into play, this muscles starts on the spine and inserts on our femur. This muscles pulls on the spine to pick up the slack for our glutes and now we have daily back pain., when our glutes are strong our body functions properly and back pain is eliminated.

So next time you hear “SQUEEZE YA GLUTES!” Squeeze them, hard! restore proper function, get stronger, eliminate pain and move better!

Knowledge is Power

What is wisdom?

No we are not talking about ancient proverbs or philosophies, we are talking about your health and fitness goals. What? Wisdom when it comes to health and fitness? That’s right. How many times have you asked your trainer a question about diet or exercise, perhaps it was even about your training goals, dozens of time, right? It may have even been a question you’ve asked many times. Now that you have that information, what have you done with it. Whether you have gained knowledge through on of AMP’s experienced and knowledgeable trainers, or have done research on your own. You have now gained knowledge, even if it has been the 5th, 10th, or 20th time you have asked.

“Knowledge is power.” -anonymous

While the aforementioned quote is very true, how can you make that knowledge powerful in your life. This is where wisdom comes into play. Wisdom is the ability to apply experience and knowledge. While the first step to improving your life may be gaining the knowledge, it cannot end there. Taking action with that knowledge that you have gained, is the next and most imperative step.

Imagine a new driver, they are informed with how the car operates and agree that they understand. That person now goes out driving the car. If they do not refill the gas tank with gas, you can imagine what will happen. Eventually, the car will run out of fuel and the driver will be stranded. Imagine his frustration when the vehicle stops working. You may laugh at his ignorance. He was given the knowledge, why would he not replenish the fuel supply when it was running low? This person was not wise. They had the integral knowledge, why would they not act on it? You may even call this person stupid. It would be a shame if the same were thought of you, simply because you didn’t not properly absorb and apply the information you had attained.

You cannot achieve results from simply having knowledge, you must have the wisdom to apply this knowledge in your life. No amount of advice from your trainer, no ‘meal plan’ is going to work if you cannot take the information to heart and apply it in your life. Do not waste the knowledge, do not become like the ignorant driver. Apply the knowledge you are given and you are guaranteed to see the results you are attaining for.

I Love Oil….I Mean Olive Oil

I love oil… I mean, Olive Oil and not the girl from Popeye.  Although Popeye and Bluto were always fighting over her.  There had to be something about her…

Throughout the centuries many civilizations have used olive oil as a staple. For many purposes and reasons olive oil is still found as the cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet and has found its way onto our dinner tables. However, it is more than a great addition to your salad dressing. What benefits can you gain from regular consumption of olive oil and how can you use it daily?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the most nutrient rich and best form of olive oil for you. Did you know that Extra Virgin Olive Oil(EVOO) is high in antioxidants? That’s right, the high levels of phenolic antioxidants found in EVOO make it one of the healthiest fats in the world. It is so healthy for you that cardiologist recommend two tablespoons of EVOO in your daily diet provides you with the proper amount of monounsaturated fatty acids which have been proven to improve blood cholesterol levels. It ha also been known to balance and regulate insulin levels thus, helping to prevent diabetes. EVOO is amazing for your keeping your skin supple and hair shiny and strong, it is commonly found as an ingredient in beauty supplies.

With these great benefits how can you make sure you and your family are getting all the EVOO you need? EVOO is a great substitute for some less optimal choices currently in your diet. EVOO makes a great substitute for: -Butter -Margarine -Vegetable Oil -Canola Oil. What about for your skin and beauty? EVOO can actually be used to treat sunburns, conditioner for you hair, Dry scalps, Dry hands and feet, dailymoisturizer for your skin, make-up remover as well as skin toner. Obviously the benefits and uses are endless. The question is: how are you going to use this phenominal healthy fat in your life this week?