Quick Fix??

You’ve heard it before, but do you believe it? When it comes to weight loss “There is no magic pill.” Substitute pill for, trick, secret, or product and you understand. There may not be an ‘easy way out’, as it were, however there are guidelines you can follow that will guarantee you the results you are looking to achieve. It’s not a pill, video or shake, it’s science!
•Dieting will reap faster results than exercise alone.
If you are exercising to the point that you are left exhausted and you do not eat to replenish yourself you will find yourself diminished the rest of the day. You will lead a more sedentary lifestyle post-workout and not end up burning the calories you normally would from basic movements throughout the day. On the other hand, if your diet reflects a healthy balanced consisting of whole, natural foods, you will maintain energy post workout as well as fuel your body to keep moving throughout the day.
•Exercise can help fix a sluggish metabolism & aid in maintaining weight loss.
James Hill, PhD states: “Within a couple of days of non-activity, the metabolism becomes inflexible. You start moving again, and it does start to change.” Your metabolism slows down to match your activity level. Once you become more active you increase you metabolisms activity as well. The same hold true for those who have met their goals and are maintaining their current weight after loosing what they desired. Once you become more physically active you can be more flexible with your calorie intake due to the fact you are expanding more calories throughout your workout and daily activity. Those who are sedentary must be more rigid with their calories because their expenditure is much lower.
•There’s no magical low-carb, low-fat diet that is going to be the quick fix.
There is no evidence that any particular ‘fad’ diet, whether it be low-carb, low-fat, paleo, vegetarian, or low-glycemic diet that will guarantee results. We are all unique have are all set up differently. Our individual metabolisms are set the same way. Not one way of eating is going to work for everyone. The only method that works for everyone is consistency!

So eat right, exercise regularly and be consistent. Nothing new right? Same thing you’ve heard time and time again. Hopefully, looking at the reasons in a new light will help you to form an understanding as to why these are essential to your progress and be able to apply them in your life.