Get STRONG in 6!!



Have you been nervous to lift weights and get strong because your not sure what to do? No worries, we got you covered!!
Introducing our first ever Strong in 6 Transformation Challenge!

Over the course of 6 weeks, starting April 4th, and running till May 13th, AMP is holding our first ever Strong in 6 Transformation Challenge!
You’ll meet 3x per week, Mon/Wed/Fri with your fellow lifters at either 6am or 6pm for an hour of getting totally strong and doing things you’ve likely never done before.  Currently this program is for new members, but no worries to our current AMP Fam, we’ve got something cooking for you!  (so pass this on to people that would be interested in lifting and a fun challenge)

Before we even get to the contest, we’ll have a group meet & greet to go over what to expect over the course of the 6 week program.  We want to give you all the tools you need to be successful in this program.

Entry Fee
$449 -> includes 3 semi-private training sessions per week focused on building strength + bootcamp classes for conditioning.

At the end of the 6 weeks, we’ll decide, based on progress in strength, before/after photos and other measurables who the winner is.
The winner will receive $500.

Click HERE to reserve your spot today as spots are limited!

What is Strong in 6?
One of the best things we do at AMP is empower people towards strength training.  There is no better feeling than picking up a barbell with more weight than you though you could do. But we get it, barbells can be quite intimidating if you’re not used to them
That’s why we are creating a unique program to transform you from newbie to seasoned veteran with our “Strong in 6 Weeks” transformation challenge to become a total badass. In this program, you will get a crash course in the squat, deadlift, and bench as well as accessory exercises in order to get stronger, shed fat, & become an all-around badass.

This might all sound intimidating, but getting strong is amazing not only in terms of creating the body that you want, but making daily tasks a whole lot easier.  Think of how awesome its going to be when you lift start doing things with ease all over the place.  From picking things off the floor, to just being able to get off the floor, to carrying heavy objects all over the place.

While we think body composition goals are important, we believe that when it becomes 100% of the focus, the message of exercise gets lost and the more it becomes about a number.  That’s not what we’re about, that’s not our message.  At our core, we preach that its better to set performance based goals, to set behavior goals.  You can manage behavior, you can control behavior.  And by doing so, outcome goals will often take care of themselves.
We believe the path to all things awesome, starts with strength training and works its way down our hierarchy of body composition change.

Registration opens today! Click the link below to reserve your spot for a better you and a chance at a $500 cash prize! Feel free to email us at or call us directly with any questions ( 516-900-1998). Come challenge and change yourself.

Hurry!! Register and Join today!!

What’s a Workout to You?


What’s Your Definition of a Workout?

First, what is your idea of a workout?  Or what is the point of a workout?
We’d love for you to leave a response on our Facebook page.  We’ll have a post up for you to comment on.  

According to the dictionary its:
work·out  (wûrk′out′)
1. A session of exercise or practice to improve fitness, as for athletic competition.
2. A strenuous test of ability and endurance.

It’s right there in bold. To improve fitness!

What are your trying to improve?  

Notice how it doesn’t say anything about calorie burn, or soreness, or sweating.

If you’ve been training with us long enough, or even if your’re new, you know that AMP’s workouts are designed to be more than just burning calories or getting your sweat on.  Yea, that’s going to happen because in general, exercise burns calories and your body will sweat.
So what is it about?  What is a workout?

A workout is meant to build your body, skills and physical capacities, not test yourself, not just focus on the calorie burn.  A workout should be challenging, but it also needs to stay within your recovery abilities.  Your workout should push you towards being able to perform to your potential, towards making the tasks of everyday life easier, to moving with ease and efficiency.

A workout, in the end should make you better and it should teach you something about yourself.

On our hierarchy of training, building strength is top priority.  Why? Because all things get better with getting stronger.  Even within your workout itself, your ability to be stronger will allow you to push yourself harder than last time.

Think about the next time you’re doing thrusters. Maybe you started with 15lbs and was able to get 10 reps in 20 seconds.  That’s 150lbs of total work.
Being stronger might allow you to do 20-22.5lbs on thrusters.  Even if you maintain that 10 reps in 20 seconds, that’s  200-225lbs of total work.  

A workout is not punishment for your eating sins, to make up for poor nutritional choices.  It’s definitely not just to sweat.  Hit a sauna for that.  A workout, in the end should improve your life.


It’s A Trap…Bar Deadlift

Admiral Ackbar was awesome and onto something.  Sure it didn’t relate to the deadlift, but he knew what was up.

Deadlifts are awesome

Studies show that they make you 100% more badass. In addition to that, they also have a tremendous carryover into sports and activities of daily living.

They are great for building the glutes and hamstrings and strengthening the back.

Unfortunately, not everyone possesses the ability to walk up to a bar and lift it with solid form and all the correct muscles engaged.

So in order to start pulling on a barbell, its necessary to regress in order to progress.


That’s where the trap bar or hex bar comes into play.  It has many benefits that can take you to a new level.  For starters

  • Its a great teaching tool
  • Its a back saver
  • Its a back strengthener

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Achy Knees Ruining Your Day?


Achy knees suck.  They can stop you from enjoying everything that you love doing.  But there is hope.  They don’t have to constantly suck.  All it takes is finding the root of the problem and getting to work to fix it!

Snap, crackle, pop

The general public has a tendency to scapegoat ‘knees’ as the main reason they avoid squatting or lunging or just exercise as a whole. Either that or years of running and sports has ruined abused their knees and the thought of exercising without pain is now a distant memory.

What they don’t know is the longer they go without doing any lower body exercise, the more their knees will suffer.

Let Me Tell You a Story

Back when I used to run…a lot, like I’m talking half and full marathons, my knees would generally ache once I hit a certain threshold. Attempting to back squat was out of the question. Even my own doctor said “you likely have arthritis.”

Seriously, at 25, arthritis. So what’s a guy, that loves exercising to do.

We Work!

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6 Ways to Rock a Deadbug



Dead-Bugs aren’t the most exciting drill. To most, they look pretty boring.

But, they’re so cool (to us) that they are a staple in our warm-up at AMP. That’s how important Dead-Bugs truly are.

This isn’t an article where I rant about why you need Dead-Bugs in your life and why they’re super awesome. (Well maybe it is, but only just a little bit). I promise I’ll get to all the really cool stuff you clicked here to see. Progressions, all the progressions.

The first key is making sure you take them slow and CONTROL the movement.  Too often we see warm-ups where these are rushed and all over the place.  Get away from being a struggle bug.


Dead-Bugs may not be too exciting, they can be rather monotonous and the epitome of boring when it comes to exercise selection. With that in mind, don’t discount them yet.

Let’s turn our attention as to why you should love them. Mostly, Dead-Bugs look like ‘nothing’, but pack a mean punch when done correctly, and mainly because they can also tell a lot about how much control a client has over their own body.

They also make a great choice when teaching clients how to maintain a neutral spine position, and encourages more of a posterior pelvic tilt. Let’s face it, most of us live in an anterior pelvic tilt (extended position), and this exercise is the antidote.

Most importantly though, the Dead-Bug is a great teaching tool for how to brace your core while going through contralateral limb movements.


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