Create Healthy Shoulders with One Simple Exericse

Stability wasn’t the primary focus when the shoulders were created.  Take a look at an anatomical view of the shoulder joint. You’ll likely see something that resembles golf ball sitting on a tee.  This doesn’t create the most stable joint in the body.  If you took a look at a similar joint, the hip, there is much more stability as the socket is pretty deep.  That creates a more stable connection than what we see at the shoulder.


If the shoulder is at such a structural disadvantage, how is it that your arm doesn’t fly off anytime you move it around, let alone unleash a fastball? There’s a group of muscles, 4 in total, in the shoulder called the rotator cuff which essentially keep the arm where it’s supposed to be. However, issues arise where the muscles don’t perform as they should.  This can cause problems in many people with shoulder issues.

When all of these muscles are functioning as intended, they work together to stabilize the shoulder and keep it in place. So ideally, the best way to train this group of muscles is to use exercises that challenge that stability. That’s where the Kettlebell Arm Bar comes into play.

Instead of isolating each muscle and working them individually, the arm bar challenges the muscles to work together to keep the kettlebell perpendicular to the ground.

Keep the weight light enough to provide a challenge as well as keep the reps to a minimum.  This isn’t an exercise you want to do to exhaust the muscles.  You want just enough to challenge the shoulders.