Knowledge is Power

What is wisdom?

No we are not talking about ancient proverbs or philosophies, we are talking about your health and fitness goals. What? Wisdom when it comes to health and fitness? That’s right. How many times have you asked your trainer a question about diet or exercise, perhaps it was even about your training goals, dozens of time, right? It may have even been a question you’ve asked many times. Now that you have that information, what have you done with it. Whether you have gained knowledge through on of AMP’s experienced and knowledgeable trainers, or have done research on your own. You have now gained knowledge, even if it has been the 5th, 10th, or 20th time you have asked.

“Knowledge is power.” -anonymous

While the aforementioned quote is very true, how can you make that knowledge powerful in your life. This is where wisdom comes into play. Wisdom is the ability to apply experience and knowledge. While the first step to improving your life may be gaining the knowledge, it cannot end there. Taking action with that knowledge that you have gained, is the next and most imperative step.

Imagine a new driver, they are informed with how the car operates and agree that they understand. That person now goes out driving the car. If they do not refill the gas tank with gas, you can imagine what will happen. Eventually, the car will run out of fuel and the driver will be stranded. Imagine his frustration when the vehicle stops working. You may laugh at his ignorance. He was given the knowledge, why would he not replenish the fuel supply when it was running low? This person was not wise. They had the integral knowledge, why would they not act on it? You may even call this person stupid. It would be a shame if the same were thought of you, simply because you didn’t not properly absorb and apply the information you had attained.

You cannot achieve results from simply having knowledge, you must have the wisdom to apply this knowledge in your life. No amount of advice from your trainer, no ‘meal plan’ is going to work if you cannot take the information to heart and apply it in your life. Do not waste the knowledge, do not become like the ignorant driver. Apply the knowledge you are given and you are guaranteed to see the results you are attaining for.

Fitness Friday

Why do diets fail?  Because in the long run, they are not sustainable.  They are often restrictive, and make people miserable, or suffer.  Weight loss does not have to equal suffering.  Try switching your approach from restricting yourself to enjoying your food and following a nutrition plan that you can sustain that is based on healthier habits, such as swapping calorie/sugar high soda for water. 
The Diet Fix- Dr. Yoni Freedhoff

We’re all unique. There’s no one-size-fits all rule!  Find what works for you in terms of what you eat, why you eat, how you eat, & how much you eat!
Then you can start to think about when you eat.
Nutrient Timing?- Precision Nutrition

I want you to take on this challenge.  It seems most of us, we crap on ourselves on an almost daily basis.  Take this 10 question quiz, keep your results, and then work on the challenge for the next 28 days.
28 Day Love your Body Challenge- Molly Galbraith
Then start with Day 1!

Weekend Workout Tip:
More is not necessarily better.  Better is better.  If you’re having a hard time getting through workouts, are sluggish, or just aren’t seeing results, its quite possible you are not recovering well enough.  Adjust your training strategy, take a few days off, adjust your nutrition plan(maybe you’re not eating enough), and SLEEP!!

When I say sleep, I mean restful, all the way through the night 7-8 hours of sleep with ZERO interruptions!!

Fitness Friday

Green, Red, Orange, White, and Purple! All fun colors, but they’re not just for looking at.  They present a guide for what kinds of fruits and vegetables to have.  Each color representing certain nutrients that are unique to the color.  You see, these colors tell us what phytonutrients are inside, and you want to get at least a cup of each to maximize your health.  Here’s a great little cheat sheet to help you out.

There’s always conflicting information out there about what you should eat, what you shouldn’t eat.  Frankly it can get very confusing, especially when there are foods that you were told were bad for you are actually quite beneficial.  Here are 7 foods that make the list, with my favorite being eggs, as eggs make people panic.  You’re missing out on a lot of key vitamins and mineral by skipping the yolk. 

Are you stressed?  Did you know that high stress levels can lead to an increase in body fat through several hormonal pathways?  Its a delicate balance of several hormones, namely insulin & cortisol. 
The takeaway from this article is to manage your stress levels along with your blood sugar and by all means avoid combining high stress with high sugar crap foods. 

 “Greatness is never on sale”  -Eric Thomas

Weekend Workout
Plank 60s
Side Plank 40s
Dead Bug 20x
Bird/Dog 20x
Ab Runner 20x

KB/DB Snatch 5 x 5 each arm

Elevated Split Squat
TRX/Ball Rollout
TRX/Bodyweight Row

Burpee 10-8-6-4-2-1
KB Swing 20

Motivational Monday

Most people are focused on the result, I look at the results as a bonus.  Sure I have specific goals that I’m working towards but I think the process of getting there is much more important than the end result.  It’s the work that transcends, the work builds character and sharpens you.  The work teaches you humility & aggression.  The work strengthens you physically and mentally.  The process is really what it is all about.  The results…they will take care of themselves. 
-Adam DiBella

Switch your mentality to things you can control like behavior.  Set up behavior goals, performance goals.  If you take care of that, the results that you want in the end usually will take care of themselves.  Focus on eating clean, focus on getting in your training sessions. 

Motivational Monday

It’s a new month and that means new goals or reevaluating your original 2014 goals.  Take a step back and see if you’re on track.

How did January go with your goal setting and adherence? 
Were you consistent?   

Many people are eager to start a new healthy lifestyle once the new year hits, only to get off track or give up weeks later. 

Why is that? 

It’s because they don’t have motivation.  They don’t have that inner drive that pushes them to get up at 6am and hit the gym before they have to go to work.  They don’t want it bad enough to get in a workout on those days when you’d rather just be lazy and stay home. 

But that’s not you!!  You have that drive, you have that motivation.  You have your WHY!!

You want it for your health.
You want it to look better.
You want it to have more energy.
You want it to relieve stress.
You want to be strong.

Take the time to find your specific why, that one thing that pushes you, that one thing that motivates you.  Do what it takes to get yourself moving.  Find out what makes it all worth it, what makes all those workouts worth it, what makes eating clean worth it.