Get STRONG in 6!!



Have you been nervous to lift weights and get strong because your not sure what to do? No worries, we got you covered!!
Introducing our first ever Strong in 6 Transformation Challenge!

Over the course of 6 weeks, starting April 4th, and running till May 13th, AMP is holding our first ever Strong in 6 Transformation Challenge!
You’ll meet 3x per week, Mon/Wed/Fri with your fellow lifters at either 6am or 6pm for an hour of getting totally strong and doing things you’ve likely never done before.  Currently this program is for new members, but no worries to our current AMP Fam, we’ve got something cooking for you!  (so pass this on to people that would be interested in lifting and a fun challenge)

Before we even get to the contest, we’ll have a group meet & greet to go over what to expect over the course of the 6 week program.  We want to give you all the tools you need to be successful in this program.

Entry Fee
$449 -> includes 3 semi-private training sessions per week focused on building strength + bootcamp classes for conditioning.

At the end of the 6 weeks, we’ll decide, based on progress in strength, before/after photos and other measurables who the winner is.
The winner will receive $500.

Click HERE to reserve your spot today as spots are limited!

What is Strong in 6?
One of the best things we do at AMP is empower people towards strength training.  There is no better feeling than picking up a barbell with more weight than you though you could do. But we get it, barbells can be quite intimidating if you’re not used to them
That’s why we are creating a unique program to transform you from newbie to seasoned veteran with our “Strong in 6 Weeks” transformation challenge to become a total badass. In this program, you will get a crash course in the squat, deadlift, and bench as well as accessory exercises in order to get stronger, shed fat, & become an all-around badass.

This might all sound intimidating, but getting strong is amazing not only in terms of creating the body that you want, but making daily tasks a whole lot easier.  Think of how awesome its going to be when you lift start doing things with ease all over the place.  From picking things off the floor, to just being able to get off the floor, to carrying heavy objects all over the place.

While we think body composition goals are important, we believe that when it becomes 100% of the focus, the message of exercise gets lost and the more it becomes about a number.  That’s not what we’re about, that’s not our message.  At our core, we preach that its better to set performance based goals, to set behavior goals.  You can manage behavior, you can control behavior.  And by doing so, outcome goals will often take care of themselves.
We believe the path to all things awesome, starts with strength training and works its way down our hierarchy of body composition change.

Registration opens today! Click the link below to reserve your spot for a better you and a chance at a $500 cash prize! Feel free to email us at or call us directly with any questions ( 516-900-1998). Come challenge and change yourself.

Hurry!! Register and Join today!!

Top 5 Articles of 2015

Ok, so its January 2nd and I’m a little late to the “Best of 2015” list.  But this was my first full year writing for  So I figured I’d take a look back and see what the top 5 articles were in terms of shares, and likes.

Go check ’em out,

1. 3 Ways to Structure your Powerlifting Workouts–  This was a fun one to write as we have a great powerlifting program being run out of AMP by one of our coaches.  Have you ever thought about competing in powerlifting?  Or just curious as to what its all about?  You should stop in and talk to our coach.

2. Good Posture Exercises– We tend to put our bodies in poor postural positions several times a day, whether its reading from a computer or the phone.  Go through some of these exercises on a daily basis to alleviate your postural issues.

3. How to Alleviate Shin Splints– If you’ve been an athlete, especially a runner, chances are you’ve run into shin splints.  The important thing to do is get ahead of it and treat it correctly. And remember to take it slow when coming back to exercise.

4. Benefits of Squats– Squats are awesome.  If you’re not doing squats, you are sorely missing out.  Read this article on why you should squat, and then get to it.  And squatting can come in many forms and can use different loads.

T5.  Pull-ups vs Chin-ups– Both are pretty similar and require a great deal of upper body strength.  But there are a few key differences in what makes each awesome.

T5. An Athletic Diet– Athletes eat and train. They don’t diet and exercise.

Are You Ready For Change?

Are you ready for change?

Its a serious question.  Maybe you are.  Maybe you aren’t.  Maybe you’re just somewhere in the middle, teetering on the fence

Change is scary! For the majority of the population change is a very scary thought. As humans we get comfortable with where we are and our routines. We know what to do, where to go, what to expect. Unfortunately, that comes with the outcomes of said routines. We know what to expect.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

Well what does that mean to you? To me, it means when we stay to our known paths and when we stick to what we have always done, we can only reasonably expect to have the same results that we have always been seeing. In order, to see change we have to create change in our routines.

So lets ask this, if you ask for change in your results and you ask for change in your health and body, Are you truly ready for that change? Are you able to accept the changes in your eating habits? Are you prepared for the changes in your workout and your routine?

It can be a very scary thing to actually face the changes you need to make and accept them. However, we also are able to adapt, we become accustom to these changes and it now becomes the norm for us. Be prepared and know that you are worth the changes you need to make. Only by committing yourself and jumping in with an open mind are you able succeed with these new changes.

Kick the Cravings

Kick the Cravings!

Oh man I could really go for ___________ .
The other day I have such a craving for________ . Every night __________ is calling my name. Insert the blanks with your go-to craving food. We all have one and 90% of the time those foods aren’t in line with our goals. So what do these cravings mean and how can we kick those cravings?
Cravings can usually mean one of two things. The first being, our brains want us to stimulate the pleasure centers of the brain to release dopamine (as discussed a few weeks back with sugar) this can either be do to stress, boredom or addiction to sugars or fats.
The other reason we craving certain foods is due to their chemical makeup or something missing in your diet. This chart below is a great guide to ditching the bag of potato chips and picking up some cashews instead. Make healthier choices to satisfy your mental cravings.

Now you have a great way to start kicking those cravings, but here’s a few tips to get you buy until you can find your healthy substitute.
•Instead of feeding your emotional cravings, do one thing that will de-stress you when you feel you need that comfort. Cutting out the stress will cut out the craving.
•Keep the junk out of the house. If you know there is a half gallon of your favorite ice cream sitting in your kitchen you are more likely to not only feed your craving but over feed it. Out of sight out of mind.
•Don’t allow yourself to get too hungry. If you let yourself get hungry, it’s more likely that the craving will win. If you feel hungry go eat! Don’t put it off because you aren’t ‘due for a meal’ your body is telling you to eat and your brain is telling you to make poor choices. Get ahead of the problem.
•Start a craving journal. Note the time of day, type of craving, emotions you felt when the craving came on and how you fought it. Take note and see if there is a pattern forming and try to find a way to eliminate that cause.
•Drink more water. Your body can’t tell you if you are hungry or dehydrated, when you have a craving, go drink a large glass of water and see how you feel after.
There are your tools, go forth and combat these cravings. No more excuses on your journey, it’s you against yourself. Don’t allow cravings to derail your progress.

Do You Have Your Accountabilibuddy?

Your accountabilibuddy is you! Are you holding yourself accountable?

Your immediate answer may be “Of course I do.” However, is that true? Today we are going to take a hard look in the mirror and see if you truly are holding yourself accountable. By now you are familiar with the basic principles of how to eat properly and are on top of your training. So what is holding you back? Perhaps you have stored this information away, although you can recall it, you haven’t quite implemented these facts into your life wholeheartedly. These principles come into play every so often when you motivate yourself to start fresh, but why did you stop to begin with?

A teacher holds their students accountable for applying and proving that they have learned the information at hand, now is the time to hold yourself accountable. Yes, your trainer may check in every so often to see how your diet is going, however, that is out of concern and their willing spirit to help. Once you leave the gym, you are accountable for every choice and every option you make. That one glass of wine, that one cookie; it will make a difference. So from right now and moving forward: No more lying to yourself, no more compromising, you owe your body the best of care. You deserve to fuel your body properly and see the benefits that this course will have for you.

The same holds true when you come in to train or attend a class. If you are not giving 100% of what you have that day, you are not holding yourself accountable. You are cheating on your work out. No more shorting the reps,no more taking the ‘easy’ way out, if you can do more, DO IT! You will only see progress from the hard work you invest in yourself.

Ask yourself:

  • Aren’t my goals worth the effort?
  • Am I being completely honest with myself?
  • Why am I cheating myself?

When it comes to anything in life, whether it is your diet, your training, or your goals, YOU are the only one who can hold yourself accountable. YOU are the only who can make a difference in your life. YOU are the one who can make the changes needed to improve your life and get you closer to your goals. START TODAY!