Interview with Client of the Month Thomas Ammirati Aka ammo

Our interview with the Client of the Month: Tom Ammirati “Ammo”


-What is one thing that helps you stay consistent?

The best way I keep consistent is by maintaining a schedule between work, college (studying, homework and class) and making gains. If I did not make my plans for the day there would be no chance I would be able to get my ass to the amp kingdom.

-Name one small change in your daily life that has made a difference when it comes to your goals.

One small thing that has helped me make a difference in my goals is always bringing the energy and electricity at amp.

-What was a big obstacle you had to overcome?

-A big obstacle I had to over come were my herniated discs which restricted my lifting in many ways, but the honey badger we call Adam put my problem into consideration when making my program. Now I am capable of making major gains I didn’t think I was ever going to be able to do again.

-What was one time at AMP that you felt most accomplished?

There really isn’t one time at amp where I felt most accomplished because every day I’m making more and more gains. But the time I hex bar deadlifted 550, benched 350 and Hatfield squatted 600 for a double was pretty cool.

-If you could give someone who is struggling advice, what would it be?

If you are struggling, just think about bringing the energy. It is all about the vibes when it comes to amp. Bring the damn energy and I promise you, you will make major gainz.

Thomas Ammirati
Aka ammo

“Bring the ENERGY”
“Swole Patrol”
“Caution: High voltage at the AMP Factory”


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