Interview with Client of the Month Eileen Guido

As Client of the Month Eileen Guido has to overcome several obstacles, change her habits and choices but through all that she is seeing results. Let find out what has helped her through it all

•What is one thing that helps you stay consistent?
-The one thing that keeps me consistent is knowing that I don’t want to go back to where I was before I started at AMP.

•Name one small change in your daily life that has made a difference when it comes to your goals.
-Changing my eating habits was key for me. Realizing that I couldn’t just eat whatever I wanted because I worked out that day. Adding more small meals and snacks instead of the 2 big meals I used to eat.

•What was a big obstacle that you had to overcome?
-When it came to working out in the past I was never consistent. At AMP I knew I would be held accountable if I didn’t show up. Having someone there waiting for me really made me commit to it.

•When was a time at AMP that you felt most accomplished?
-For me I feel like I had many small accomplishments. When I started I had this fear of jumping and being able to get over that was a great feeling. Also any time I was able to increase my weight in squats and dead lifting was an accomplishment.

•If you could give someone who is struggling advice, What would it be?
-My advice would be to stick with it even on the bad days. Everyone has days when they get off track but the key is to get right back to training and eating healthy the next day.

Thank you Eileen for taking time to help and inspire others!


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