It the calling card of those that say you have to work hard every single day to get to your goals.  It implies that if you take days off, you’re not fully committed.  It’s almost as if it’s a badge of honor to hashtag “nodaysoff.”  That showing how tired you are, but you’re still going at it is something to be admired.  I’m gonna call BS on that one.  8.-Well-Take-No-Days-Off-Done


No Days Off creates this unrealistic ideal where you constantly have to go all out, lest you be seen as lazy, or weak, or unmotivated, or that you just don’t want your goal enough. What this leads to is all kinds of negative self talk, which we need to avoid.  It serves no purpose. And I hear it all the time.

How many times during the last month have you gave yourself negative self talk?

That mindset, it’s not going to get you anywhere.  Except overtired, frustrated, and hungry.

You may see the solution as “I gotta do more” but then you’re just missing the point of exercise and training.  We’re human, we need rest, we need time off.  This also applies to life.  If we just grind all the time, eventually we wear ourselves down. We need breaks from training, work, school, life to keep ourselves sane and happy.

Yes. consistency and commitment are important, but not at the expense of recovery.  More is not better, #nodaysoff is bs, and rest is important.


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