There comes a moment where it seems like we’re just not allowed to play anymore.  Like, one day we woke up and decided, “playing is for kids, I’m a big boy/girl.”
As kids, play time or recess was an important aspect to developing our social skills, our brains, becoming resilient, as well as just time to explore movement and have fun.

However, as we became adults, we lost sight of the idea of play.  The idea of voluntarily doing something just do for doings sake, seems silly and childish.

George Bernard Shaw said it best. “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

It seems that every part of our lives is dictated by a schedule now.  We go from one appointment to another, from work to home, to sleep.  All to do it over again.  This, over time, ages us.  We move less, we have fun less, in essence, we become Jack from The Shining.

Play lets us connect with others, it keeps our minds sharp, and can jump start our problem solving abilities.
Plus it’s just fun.  And in a world where every moment is scheduled and we just hop from one appointment to another, we could use some time that is 100% voluntary fun.  But how?

Think back to when you were 10 years old.  What did you like to do for fun?

Maybe it was running around, playing tag or swinging from the monkey bars.   Maybe it was building Lego’s, or board games or puzzles. It doesn’t matter.  Let’s tap into that mindset of playfulness.

Remember, we don’t want to become Jack.  We want to avoid a life of all work and no play.  And we certainly want to avoid become dull.

So, how will you play today?


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