Garage Gym Planner | How To Motivate Yourself To Workout: 100+ Experts Reveal Their Top 3 Tips For 2017

How to Motivate Yourself to Work Out?

It's that time of the year when thousands of people sign up for new gym memberships and then a majority of them just give up the very next week or month. The first question on everyone’s mind is “How to get fit in 2017?” a close second is “How do I motivate myself to stay fit?”

There are no shortcuts to fitness and you have to motivate yourself enough to get out the door and get working out.

A gym is an option to put your fitness plans into action. If you live far away from a gym, then you also have the option to get your own home gym set up with all the equipment that you’d ever want from a gym. Motivating yourself to working out for some is harder than the workout!

Since this has been a recurring theme in the fitness industry, we’ve decided to go straight to the source and asked fitness experts a simple question:

What Would Be Your 3 Best Fitness Motivation Tips For 2017?

The three best motivational tips I can give for 2017 would be to:

Focus on Behavior or Performance

… rather than outcomes to increase adherence. People get wrapped up in losing "x" amount of weight or inches or whatever. But have no control over that outcome.

Search For Meaning

Find your why, meaning why are you exercising or dieting. It shouldn't be punishment or have negative connotations. It should be about creating a new you.

Enjoy The Journey

Lastly avoid looking at how far you have to go, it's about how far you've come. We get wrapped up in a goal and not even looking back at how much we've accomplished.

News 12 | Hometown Showdown Massapequa

Massapequa is the second winner of News 12's Hometown Showdown segment! Active Movement and Performance demonstrated a basic full body workout.

Mens Fitness | How To Build Muscle for Beginners

o, you want to know how to build muscle. It’s an answer in two parts, really. Is your ultimate aim to get big or get strong? Each goal involves lifting heavy things and eating the right foods, but the details are a little bit different. (That said, of course you’ll get stronger if you train for size, and of course your muscles will get bigger if you train for strength.) Here’s a primer to maximize your desired results.

“So while in a size workout you’re doing 50 reps overall for a squat, in a strength program, you’re looking at just 20-25 reps,” says personal trainer Chris Cooper, co-owner of Active Movement and Performance (AMP) in Long Island, NY.

The Mens Journal | 10 Workouts for the Beach

Before you pop open that beer and soak up the sun, take 15 minutes for a quick workout. The soft, uneven surface works more muscles for a better workout in less time.

“Sand is a slightly unstable surface, which means that your core muscles work harder to help you maintain your balance,” says Robin M. Gillespie, a personal trainer based in Philadelphia. And, because sand is soft, it absorbs your energy and you have to work much harder to propel yourself forward when you run or jump on it — it's also easier on your joints.

From running to strength work, if it’s hard in the gym, it’s even harder on the beach. Here are 10 beach workouts you need to try the next time you hit the sand.

Read More... | Lumbopelvic Rhythm: The Powerlifts, Spine Health and Performance Longevity

Spinal stability, diaphragmatic breathing and neutral posture, among others, are all “buzz words” that, as of late, have entered the conversation in a multitude of training facilities, across a wide array of practices. This is due to the fact that the underlying concept is extremely important. It is no secret the sport of strength requires years of hard training and adaptation to achieve its highest levels. Due to the demands and potential risks associated with loading the spine, its health and maintenance are among the key contributors to performance across a long and successful career.

Mens Fitness | Do Exercises You Don’t Like

You got your routine down with those staple workouts that keep you chugging along to your goals. And while every exercise isn’t your absolute favorite, you’re pretty comfortable with what you’re doing—and pretty confident that you don’t look like a tool on the gym floor. But if you only train your body in one way, you can lose abilities. You know, like that guy with the huge shoulders who can’t clasp his hands behind his back (talk about awkward). These exercises are just what the trainer ordered to keep you healthy and injury-free—and help make you stronger.

The Active Times | Eating Healthier

In theory, maintaining a healthy, wholesome diet on a regular basis is simple, but of course, doing so doesn’t come without plenty of obstacles to conquer.

“We make over 200 food choices a day, which gives us many opportunities to make unwise or unintended decisions,” says Lisa Rutledge, Registered Dietitian and author of The Debunking Dietitian.

The Active Times | 30 Minute Workouts

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: there are no shortcuts to getting in shape.

Whether your goal is to build muscle, lose weight or improve your fitness and performance, it’s going to require hard work.

That said, achieving your goal (unless you’re training at a fitness competitor level) doesn’t mean you need to spend hours at the gym either.

The Active Times | Fat Burning Workouts

Everyone has their go-to workouts. But it’s only a matter of time before even the most enthusiastic of runners or the most diehard CrossFit-ers start to get bored with their favorite fitness regimens.

Not only that, but for the benefit of your body, it’s definitely a good idea to switch up your routine and add a little bit of variety into the mix. (Just don’t go too crazy because it is important that you stick to a well thought out plan if you want to see progress.)

The Active Times | Make Gains Outside the Gym

f you’ve been consistently working hard in the gym, but can’t seem to achieve noticeable results, it could be because your habits outside of the gym simply don’t support your goals.

Yes, no matter what your goal may be, exercise is an important component of any fitness program. But unless you’re an elite-level athlete, most of your time is spent outside of the gym, and it’s where you spend the majority of your time that your decisions and choices count the most.

DIY Active | Secret Fitness Tips

Alright, we are back with some awesome, off-beat fitness tips from the top experts in fitness, nutrition, physiology and even psychology – Part I was awesome with our first 15 experts! For Part II, we have 17 top experts lined up to dish out their best advice that might not be “main stream” yet and even some that is simply too important not to mention! From fitness to nutrition to just living the DIY lifestyle, you’ll find some interesting tips from these experts below!

So without my usual verbose chatter, we are going to dive right into some of the best off-beat or secret fitness tips that you might not find anywhere else! Oh yeah, one more thing – want awesome content like this emailed to you? Get it here!

About Health | Best Fitness Instagram Accounts

If you're looking for #belfies and ab shots, I hate to break it to you, but you're not going to like this list. While there are literally thousands of fitness-focused Instagram accounts on the social platform, way too many of them are hyper-focused on appearance, and many of them are maintained by people who look great, but aren't remotely qualified to provide fitness advice. (Case in point: Any of the Kardashians.)

The Path | Why Strengthen Your Core

While we all want to rock six pack abs at the beach, it's actually important to your physical health to have a strong core. You don't need to attain clearly defined ab muscles; however, you should regularly incorporate ab exercises into your fitness routine. With the help of some experts in the fitness industry, we've rounded up the top four benefits of strengthening your core.

The Active Times | Do You Fear Weights

Nearly everyone we asked agreed: to a beginner, the weights section at the gym can seem like a pretty intimidating place. In fact, we’ve even experienced the feeling ourselves. After all, everyone is a newbie at some point or another, right?

Elite Man Magazine | How to Build Muscle Fast

In the sea of fitness information out there, it’s easy to get lost in a whirlwind of crap. Trendy advice circuits the industry faster than viral YouTube videos of Miley Cyrus. So many gurus have the latest cure for fat loss. So many programs have the solution for Arnold Schwarzenegger arms. But who do you listen to? What programs actually work? How do you sift through all the bullshit and find what truly yields results?

Well, first and foremost, you have to find and listen to people who are well-established and have a proven track-record of success. Thankfully, this post is filled with 54 of these people!

Delimmune | Benefits of Probiotics

One important reason to take probiotics is that they can help keep bad bacteria in your GI tract at bay, or they can replace bad bacteria after an illness.

The Active Times | 11 ways to make eating healthy easier

In theory, maintaining a healthy, wholesome diet on a regular basis is simple, but of course, doing so doesn't come without plenty of obstacles to conquer.

“We make over 200 food choices a day, which gives us many opportunities to make unwise or unintended decisions,” says Lisa Rutledge, Registered Dietitian and author of The Debunking Dietitian.

Chase | 2015 New Years Resolutions

When people think of New Year’s, the word “resolution” is rarely far behind.

Peeling the shrink-wrap off that new calendar inspires thoughts about what to improve in the coming year. What better date than January 1 to commit to losing 40 pounds, quitting smoking and hitting the gym every morning?

But how many of those resolutions will become lifelong habits, or even last into February?

The Active Times | Should You Eat Gluten-Free?

From about 2009 to 2014 sales of gluten-free products grew 34 percent annually, reaching about $973 million in sales, according to a report by Food Navigator USA.

The same report says that by 2019 that sales total is expected to reach $2.34 billion, which would be a 140 percent increase over another five years.

Every Day Health | Amanda’s Story: I Love to Exercise – Despite Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) can make doing various tasks difficult, including exercise, which is important for maintaining mobility. Just ask Amanda John, 34, of Charlotte, N.C.

The same report says that by 2019 that sales total is expected to reach $2.34 billion, which would be a 140 percent increase over another five years.

Healthline | Tone Your Body: 5 Easy Hip Exercises

Exercising your hips is a great way to stay lean and strong. Even if you are pregnant, elderly, or suffering from osteoarthritis, simple exercises can help you stay in the game.

Corina Martinez, senior physical therapist for Duke Sports Medicine Center, says core stabilization exercises provide a solid foundation for your hip health.

Delimmune | 54 Health and Wellness Experts Reveal the Single Most Important Tip for Living a Healthy Lifestyle

One of the most common and universal goals that we all share as human beings is the goal of improving our overall health. Especially in today’s world of fast food, technology, and over-indulgence where it is so easy to start and then fall into a cycle of unhealthy habits, many of us inevitably reach the point where we ask ourselves: how can I begin to live a more healthy lifestyle?

Healthline | It’s not a joke: burn your fat in 4 minutes

We hear all the time to get more out of our workouts, but what does that mean exactly? Doing more with less. To optimize your workout means getting more from each minute you’re sweating than you ordinarily would. The HIIT workout trend of a couple of years ago was the definitive optimized workout — really hammer through some key movements in a short period of time. You get the full-body, calorie-torching workout on a schedule you can keep!


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