Client Testimonials

Scott Gallof

Scott before Scott after

"In the 17 months I have been working with Adam and the AMP Training staff, my life has drastically changed. Having lost 110lbs, I have a brand new lease on life and have become transformed both physically and mentally. Adam’s enthusiasm and drive has firmly kept me on the path. Having a trainer who is as emotionally invested as you are makes all the difference."

Gina Govone

Gina before Gina after

"My friend has been a faithful AMP member who achieved awesome results from all her hard work! I decided now was my time. I signed up with an open mind, stress free attitude and made simple modifications to my diet. In just 2 months, I'm already seeing results. And let me just,love,love boot camp! All the trainers are amazing and everyone has made me feel welcome. I am so happy I joined the AMP family and made this investment in myself."

Liz Marino

Liz before Liz after

"I came to AMP wanting to be healthier and to get in shape. Initially I struggled, with the workouts, I would be tired, out of breathe, and feeling weak. When I saw the success other clients were having and wondered “why not me.” That is when I took charge of my nutrition under the guidance of AMP, and my results skyrocketed. AMP keeps the atmosphere fun and I’m always excited to see what my training sessions or bootcamps hold for me. I love going to AMP because it never feels like I’m going to a typical gym. AMP is not your typical gym, it’s a family."

Gina Pastier

Gina before Gina after

"Six months ago i walked into AMP at my highest weight ever, feeling the lowest I ever had about myself. Like most people my size, I was intimated by the thought of joining a gym where everyone was already fit and in shape and was afraid of the looks and stares I might get. However, AMP proved to be something totally different. Chris, Adam, Jeff, James and now Lisa have created the type of gym environment where you want to go and where you know you can reach your goals and continue to make new ones for yourself. In short time that i have been a part of the AMP "FAMILY", I have lost a total of 45 pounds but more importantly i have gained back myself and my ability to face the world head on instead of hiding behind my weight. I used to dread going to the gym to workout and would make every excuse I could to prevent myself from having to go. Now, it is the complete opposite, I hate to miss a training session with Chris and I make whatever arrangements I need in order to be able to attend the boot camps. The atmosphere in AMP is truly that of a family. It is fun, exciting, and it allows you to push yourself and reach goals that you no longer thought were possible for yourself. Much thanks and gratitude to all of you!!!!!!"

Suzanne Gluck

Suzanne before Suzanne after

"I personally believe that a journey is like an exhilarating roller coaster; with bumps, turns, twists, progressions and regressions, and MORE bumps. When it comes to making lifestyle changes, you are the only person who can make the decision to embark on the journey. Being overweight my entire life, I was constantly encouraged (or rather pestered) by family and friends to exercise and eat healthier, but I did not want to and I was not ready to change. I cannot recall the exact moment when the light bulb switched on, but one catalyst was definitely my grandmother’s health issues which ultimately ended her life far too soon. My husband Josh has been my number one fan on this roller coaster for the past seven years, especially as he is so patient during my highs and lows as well as program and nutritional shifts. However, it is important to recognize that although change is incredibly scary, it is necessary to progress in your journey. March 2014, already seven years into my journey, I made a change that has impacted my life tremendously; AMP! The expertise, support, and encouragement from the entire team of trainers is much more than anyone could ever ask for in a “gym.” In this short period I have found passion and additional motivation as I continue to get stronger, as well as set more goals and surpass what I perceived to be my limitations. When I am asked by family and friends what AMP is or what I do at AMP my response is “everything and anything!” In addition to the dedication of the trainers, what makes AMP unique is that each trainer always looks to further their knowledge to support their clients and is able to craft a program that tailors to the individual. Any goal, from weight loss to healthy habits to strengthen your body, and more, you will achieve at AMP."

Dr. Steven Martucci

"Being a healthcare professional and being born with Cerebral Palsy makes it even harder for me to make a choice regarding my own healthcare. The quality of care I expect is what I would provide to my own patients. Needless to say I rarely let another healthcare professional touch or ever treat me. Can’t ever fool me because I would know if there is talent in their touch or knowledge between their ears. That thinking changed when I was told about Chris Cooper and AMP by a long-time patient that came for treatment. My patient gave up his session for me to try Chris out. It only took ONE training session for me to know he had the knowledge base, passion, and compassion to sign-up for the long haul. I could never be motivated unless I have respect for the trainers resume. Chris has the ability to execute functionally with proper exercises and treatment techniques for carry over so improvement will be reached."

Kristen San Filippo

"Training with Chris Cooper has made a very positive change in my life. I recently found out that I have two herniated discs in my neck. My doctors told me that I would not be able to run again and absolutely will not be able to lift any weights above my shoulders. I underwent two pain injections and months of physical therapy. I finally grew tired of my imprisonment to the couch and sought out a trainer with experience with injuries like mine. I am so happy that I found Chris Cooper at AMP. I have been working with him for approximately 2 months so far. I am running a mile a day, I am training with him 2 to 3 times per week, and I am lifting weights above my shoulders and I feel great! I was able to put my trust in him quickly because he pays very close attention to form, especially in my shoulders and my neck. I highly recommend to anyone looking to make a change in their lives."

Christine Finn

"Chris Cooper is a master motivator. He creates a safe, structured, challenging, and fun workout to meet each of his client's specific needs and goals. I feel strong, confident, and ready to take on the world after I train with Chris! Chris' passion, dedication, and caring nature exude from within!"

Erik Davis

"Before I started training with James, I had been training with someone else for two years and not seeing any results. My eating habits were awful and I just didn't have any direction at all. Then I began seeing James, and within 8 months I dropped 45 pounds. His unique, creative style of functional training combined with a lot of great ideas on how to reshape my diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle is what truly helped me get to a weight I haven't seen since high school. And that was 17 years ago!"

Christina Canale

"My experience at AMP training was phenomenal! The staff at AMP are all incredibly motivating no matter who you train with. James pushed me to train harder than I thought I could ever push myself and allowed me to obtain results that I could never accomplish on my own. Working with him over the course of these months has allowed me to get into the best shape I have been in! I have found a new appreciation for cross training and have learned so much about training that I can now carry into my daily routines. My training sessions left me feeling renewed with energy and looking forward to my next session. Thank you James for all that you have done for me!"

Krisanne C.

"Chris Cooper is an excellent trainer. I started training with Chris because I wanted to increase my muscle mass & decrease my fat to boost my metabolism. Chris keeps me motivated and teaches me exercise routines that not only have a positive impact on my appearance, but also on my overall well being!"

Sarina Saenz

"I've worked out for the past 5 years - on a regular basis in a gym; have done various classes, from kickboxing to yoga - and nothing compares to the training & results I have achieved with AMP. I have a whole new outlook on what a workout should be. Adam and Jeff are amazing trainers, who motivate me to workout. I am an AMP member for life!"

Rosanne D.

"Amp has changed my outlook on working out. I look forward to every class and training session. We are definitely in it together. Every trainer is motivating and there for you. Success is the only option because everyone is always there cheering you on. I never leave AMP without a smile ... Definitely never want to stop the workouts!"

Phil A.

"I met Chris Cooper 2 years ago after I had surgery for a torn ACL. I am very active and athletic and I actually tore my ACL playing racquetball. I went to physical therapy and they did a great job but I just knew I wasn't where I needed to be to play racquetball again. I signed on with Chris and worked out with him twice a week for 4 months. Chris made the workouts fun and motivated me to push passed my perceived limits. My energy level balance and flexibility improved immensely, and my knee was as strong as ever. I returned to playing racquetball without any issues. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to others."


"My name is Dawn, I am a 41 year old elementary school teacher. I was born with Spina Bifida and therefore have to use a wheelchair. I have always been active and independent, however as I approached my late 30's, I started noticing my energy level decreasing and my waistline increasing. My friend recommended joining a gym and work with a trainer. Being a person that has physical limitations, I was very leary that a trainer would be able to meet my needs and be able to help me achieve my goals. That is when I met with Chris Cooper and discussed with him how I wanted to work on balance, flexibility, strength training, and weight loss. He listened and then designed a program that was specifically designed with my needs and limitations in mind. Sill hesitant, I started training with Chris in the gym and felt very comfortable yet challenged. My body was responding to the training and I started feeling really good. Chris understood how my upper body could workout to help compensate for my lower body that was paralyzed. To my surprise, I started noticing some weight loss, better balance, and more energy! I had now become a believer in training. I truly did not think that a person who used a wheelchair could ever train alongside others in a gym setting. I was proven wrong and in the process gained more self-confidence along with strength. Three years later, I am still training with Chris Cooper in his gym alongside other trainers and clients that accept me and challenge me every day!! I look forward to the day when I can successfully complete a pull-up where my chin rests on the bar! :)"

Brook Nuoffer

"I was unexpectedly sidelined by an injury on Memorial Day 2014. I was diagnosed with a severe disc herniation in my lower back, eventually requiring surgery and I thought my fit life as I knew it was over. I didn't have much time to sit and sulk over it, however, because from the moment I told Chris my diagnosis he was looking up the procedure, recovery time and rehab exercises to get me back in action as soon as possible. He carefully worked with me, explaining every move, modifying movements and making sure I was properly doing every exercise. I'm now three months post-op, up to two hour-long sessions and getting back into the things I love most at AMP. With Chris's knowledge and experience I know I'm in great hands and I'm confident my recovery process will get me back to where I was in no time!"

Christine Frye

""Because of my trainer from AMP ............ I can breathe better, I can stand straighter, I can move easier, I can walk farther than I ever have before.......Because he believes in me I can believe in myself............his careful consideration of my limitations makes me push harder and I am seeing such a huge difference in my abilities after only five months of twice a week training. I put my quality of life into very competent hands that move me forward ....... always encouraging ....... always guiding my every move.....Because of my trainer from AMP.."

Rob Feldman

"Around two years ago I was diagnosed with a Herniated disc in my lower back. This caused nerve pain down my leg and was very painful. I couldn't bend down or do most physical activities. I began to swim which helped incredibly, but the pain was still there. After doctors visits and physical therapy, I went to AMP. My trainer Chris Kelly is the best. He created a system of exercise and workouts catered specifically to me and my back problem. The exercise not only helped me get into better shape, but helped get rid of my pain. Biking was something I could not do as a result of the pain. This was very frustrating since that is one of my favorite things to do. We discussed my short term and long term goals. This was very encouraging.

Thanks to Chris my life is great. At 27 years old I was in terrible pain unable to do anything physical beyond walking. In less than 2 years I feel better than I have ever felt in my life. I just completed a 40 mile Bike tour. While this was one of my long term goals, I am not stopping there. I am now currently training for a future 50 and 60 mile rides, while also training for my ultimate goal of doing a biking century or 100 miles.

Thank you so much to Chris Kelly and AMP! You truly changed my life.

-Rob Feldman"

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