Top 6 Articles of 2017


2017 is coming to a close and it was a busy year in terms of writing for AMP’s blog, along with featured spots with and other guest appearances.  It was one of my most productive in terms of putting out content, which means I’m writing a lot more.  Now whether or not its actually readable content is another story.

Hopefully you’ve found these articles to be informative and mildly entertaining.  Some of the articles were more successful than others.  This week, I want to take a look back at what were the top 6 articles of 2017, along with an honorable mention for a special article that made me feel good about the direction in which I’m heading.

Why 6?  Because everyone else does lists of 5 or 10 and I like to think I’m special.

  1. How to Build Strength Without Lifting Heavier Weights– If you’re looking to get stronger, adding more weight seems like the logical choice to increase intensity.  But as you’ll see in this article, written for, there are other ways to increase intensity without simply adding more load.
  2. The Bubble of Awesome– I loved writing this article as it was something that dug deeper than just the technicals of fitness and exercise.  This was a labor of love to help the Strength Faction family that had helped me this entire year.  The Bubble of Awesome highlighted some of the mental hurdles we all have to get through on a day to day basis, and how we can create a safe place for awesome things to happen.  Hence, A Bubble of Awesome.
  3. Are You Strong Enough To Run– One of the top articles that was specifically written for the AMP site, this took a look at whether or not we are strong enough to run, and why runners avoid strength training.  Everyone can run, but not everyone should.
  4. Supersets to Improve Mobility & Train Without Pain– Supersets are great for increasing the amount of work you can do in a certain amount of time, but they can also be used to improve mobility, decrease risk of injury, or for combining strength exercises with rehab exercises should be have an injury.
  5. 6 Types of Exercises That Will Help You Get Faster– Getting faster has been misconstrued to mean just moving your legs/feet faster.  This is why you see speed camps for on foot speed, rather that doing what will actually make you faster; strength training.  Strength training leads to better force production which leads to longer strides and more power behind each stride.  All this equals faster sprints.
  6. 10 Smart Loaded Carry Variations for Safer, More Effective Core Strength– Loaded Carries are a great, undervalued core exercise, and about as basic as you can get.  Pick something up, carry it for distance or time, then put it down.  Repeat.  This showed 10 different variations.


There you have it, the top 6 articles of 2017.  Now about that honorable mention article…

Last year was the first year I hit my goal of an article hitting the Top Fitness Articles of the Week for  That was awesome, however it was always for a guest spot with another site.  This article was the first time something I put out for AMP made the cut.  It just felt extra special to have something from this blog make a Top Fitness Article list.

Hierarchy of Success– There’s a hierarchy to what we need to hit our fitness goals.  For some, exercise is on top, but when you really look at what is necessary and what is most important, exercise is not as high as you would think.




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