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We believe the body is one unit, one machine. This is how we train at AMP.

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A proven system.

We believe in teaching movement patterns as opposed to isolating muscle groups. Most training programs focus on an antiquated style of training that splits the body into multiple units. Our system is based on scientific research proves the body does not work in isolation on a daily basis, it works as one unit. We combine mobility, strength training, conditioning, and flexibility structured in fun, yet challenging sessions that are never repeated.

Increase your body's performance and reach your goals, no matter what they are. We help clients increase athletic potential, lose fat, gain muscle, lead healthier lives, increase mobility, and strength.

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We our clients!

In the 17 months I have been working with Adam and the AMP Training staff, my life has drastically changed. Having lost 110lbs, I have a brand new lease on life and have become transformed both physically and mentally. Adam’s enthusiasm and drive has firmly kept me on the path. Having a trainer who is as emotionally invested as you are makes all the difference.

Scott Gallof

My friend has been a faithful AMP member who achieved awesome results from all her hard work! I decided now was my time. I signed up with an open mind, stress free attitude and made simple modifications to my diet. In just 2 months, I'm already seeing results. And let me just,love,love boot camp! All the trainers are amazing and everyone has made me feel welcome. I am so happy I joined the AMP family and made this investment in myself.

Gina Govone

I came to AMP wanting to be healthier and to get in shape. Initially I struggled, with the workouts, I would be tired, out of breathe, and feeling weak. When I saw the success other clients were having and wondered “why not me.” That is when I took charge of my nutrition under the guidance of AMP, and my results skyrocketed. AMP keeps the atmosphere fun and I’m always excited to see what my training sessions or bootcamps hold for me. I love going to AMP because it never feels like I’m going to a typical gym. AMP is not your typical gym, it’s a family.

Liz Marino

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