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If you’ve been reading these posts for a while, we really do try to preach keeping a positive frame of mind.  Nothing is more negative than “living until.”  What I mean, and what Dr. Brooke means in her article is that it seems we’ve gotten ourselves caught up in an “until” mindset.  How many times have you said “I’ll be happier when….” or “when I look like….”  What this does is create a negative, depressing state. Don’t think that way.  It may keep you from great things.  Start living now.  As The Unattainable Life says daily, “Are you really living?” 


Step out of your comfort zone once in a while.  Stretch yourself past what you think you can do.  I guarantee you would surprise yourself.  Same can be said for us.  Chris is pushing himself out of his comfort zone to give a presentation this summer on trainer education. 

Sometimes you just have to take a chance. 

A hot topic as always is CARBS!  Should you eat them, how much, blah blah blah.  YES!! Eat your carbs.  They are a basic macro nutrient that sustains the body.  Your brain especially needs those carbs to function.  For the most part, earn your carbs, meaning on workout days you can push your carb intake a little.  On non-workout days, try to go a little lower on the carbs.  Pretty simple guidelines. 

If you really want to get lean, then focus on consistent effort over time.  It’s not going to happen all of the sudden, but a few tips will go a long way. 

Dedicated to your success always!!!

Weekend Workout/Strengthio

Burpees 10
Vipr Shuffles/Shuffles 20
Rope Slams 20
Kettlebell Swings 20
Mountain Climbers 20ea leg
3-5 rounds


Kettlebell Snatch Left- 10
Two Handed Kettlebell Swing- 20
Kettlebell Clean and Press Left- 10
Kettlebell Figure 8- 20
Kettlebell Snatch Right- 10
Two Handed Kettlebell Swing- 20
Kettlebell Clean and Press Right- 10
Kettlebell Figure 8- 20

3-5 rounds

Or just get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather!!

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