Fitness Friday

Happy Fitness Friday!!

We always say, you can’t out train a bad diet.  This holds especially true when your body is deficient in so many vital nutrients.  Get your diet back on track with some helpful steps from Precision Nutrition.  Fix deficiencies, adjust food amounts and the types of food you eat, and finally fine tune the minor details.  This article is a great resource. 

This was an inspiring story.  I really think this will help a lot of people struggling with their fitness journey.  I’m hoping Molly’s story can help inspire you, and maybe talk you off a ledge. 

Weekend Workout

Forward Lunge-20
Lateral Lunge-20
Single Leg Deadlift-10ea leg

Split Jumps-20
Spiderman Push-ups-20
Spiderman Climb with Rotation-10

TRX Anti Extension Fallouts-10
Plank- max out for time

Hit this up 3-5 times for a killer workout. 

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