Fitness Friday

I started this Fitness Friday theme as a way to share awesome articles with you.  I’m always reading everything I can to learn more, or just to see what else is out there.  Most of it focuses on fitness and exercise related topics, but I try to find positive articles too.  Hopefully you’ve enjoyed these Fitness Fridays as much as I love writing them.

We’re always looking for ways to improve our lives by doing little things that make us happy.  Exercise, spending time with friends and family, relaxing are all good ways to spend time each day.  However here are TEN scientific ways to improve your life on a daily basis.  I especially love #10 as being positive and optimistic is important for all aspects of health. 

At AMP, we don’t have what you would call traditional “cardio” machines.  We rely on using other things like stairs, rowers, carry variations and battle ropes for “cardio.” Cardio often comes down to what your trying to accomplish.  Are you training for a 5k or marathon? Then yea long slow duration runs are for you.  If you’re looking to shed some weight, a little more intensity is good for you.  I will tell you, I was in my best shape when I was sprinting in college and in so so shape training for the NYC Marathon.  Check out this Do’s & Don’ts of cardio. 
If you want a quick picture to lay out your intervals, take a look at this.  It’s a great break down of what to do and a little science behind it. 

Are you looking for new breakfast ideas?  Check out what the Nutrition Twins are serving up for breakfast!!  Check out there website for more awesome nutrition tips.  They are always full of great ideas. 

Finally, getting in shape is not about dieting.  Its about making changes in behavior to make this a healthy way of life.  Its a lifestyle change, not a short term “diet.”  When you think diet, you think restriction and that is the opposite of what we are looking for.  Make sure you don’t make these mistakes when changing your eating habits. 

Weekend Workout
Lets start the weekend off right with a little stretch to correct all that sitting I’m sure we’ve done this week.  Here’s a little flow to hit some key spots. 
Start off in a Half Kneeling position and lunge to stretch hip flexors & hold for about 30 seconds.  From that position raise arms above your head and reach back as far as you can.  Lastly reach one arm over head to the opposite side to stretch out the sides.  Do these all with one leg up, then switch legs and repeat all over again. 
Next is to sit in your chair, cross one foot over the opposite knee and stretch out the hip.  This is a biggie as the hip tends to get tight sitting for long periods of time.  Lastly, you can get into a downward dog position to stretch out the shoulders and hamstrings for a great finishing stretch. 

There ya go, get some mobility work going!!

Lets get to work now

Chin ups/Pull-ups
Mt Climbers
30 seconds each exercise.  Rest 30 seconds, get after another round.  4 rounds total
Next move to the next circuit.  Again 30 seconds each exercise for 4 rounds.
Body weight Rows
Jump Rope/Jumping Jacks

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