Motivational Monday

Motivation!!!!– I dare you to watch this and not be pumped up to run through a wall into 2014 and after everything and anything you want!

There is no perfect time to start!!  It seems like we are always waiting, waiting for certain circumstances to start something, to go after something.  WHY?  Are we that scared to actually DO something?  Listen up!

There is no perfect time!

You need to make your own moments, you need to take those moments and go with it.  There’s a great line in Caddyshack“See your future, be your future. May, make–make it. Make your future…”
You want to know when the perfect time is?  It’s NOW!!  


The new year is always the time to start something, a resolution to be healthier, or to eat right, or to exercise. Don’t wait for things to be less busy, don’t wait for there to be time, don’t wait for the perfect scenario to get back to the gym, don’t wait to start changing your nutrition habits, don’t wait!!
Get After It Today!!!

Fitness Friday

Squats are one of the best exercises that can be part of your arsenal.  However, they get a bad name because people associate squats with knee pain.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  Squats can in fact make your knees stronger and healthier by making the muscles around it stronger.  When your form is poor, that’s where the knee pain can come in.  Here are 6 reasons to SQUAT!

What’s more important than just squatting well, is having good posture.  Good Posture can help with injury prevention, reduce back pain, improve breathing, and a whole lot more.

Recovery is where all progress is made.  You can’t beat yourself up time and time again with intense workouts and hope to get some where.  Sometimes you need a day or two for a full recovery, or even a week where you de-load and do less.  Progress is made in how well you can recover, not how hard you can push yourself.

Weekend Workout
40 second on/20 seconds off
Jumping Jacks
Prisoner Squats
Jump Squats
Reverse Lunges w/ Rotation
1 min rest
2 point Pushup
Speed Squats
Spiderman Climbs
Dead Bugs
1 min rest
Seal Jacks
Mt Climbers
Body Extensions
Lateral Lunges
High Knees
1 min rest
Split Shuffles
Ice Skaters
Side Plank Left
Side Plank Right
1 min rest
Curtsy Lunge Left
Curtsy Lunge Right
Lateral Lunge Left
Lateral Lunge Right

Motivational Monday

You are limitless.

You’re a champion.

You work harder than everyone else.

And you’ll achieve everything that you put your mind to.

There are always those days where nothing goes your way, and it seems like every thing and every one is against you.
But you thrive on that kind of adversity, those challenges that life throws at you.  Why?  Because you don’t set limits. 

I know each and every day you training hard, getting your nutrition on point because you love the feeling of success, you love being able to reach your goals, you love feeling strong. 
Excuses won’t get in your way.  You wont make them up.  Its never too cold, never too early, you always have time because you see the value that a healthy lifestyle has. 

You are awesome because you push yourself past limits you thought weren’t possible, you get out of that comfort zone, you get comfortable being uncomfortable.  You take on challenges head on and you are never satisfied…

For you are limitless.

Fitness Friday

Choosing the right shoe is super important when it comes to exercise.  Different forms of exercise may require a different type of foot wear.  Choose accordingly!! ( you may have to zoom in to see the image)

How do you gauge if you’ve had a good workout or not?  Usually the go to is how sore it makes you the next day or two.  However, that is not the best sign of a good/great workout.  Don’t fall for the myth that soreness leads to results.  Progressive challenge is good, but fitness should make you better, make other tasks easier, not harder.

Stress is a natural part of life.  It happens.  However, there a daily habits that could be stressing you out more than you know it.  Make sure you’re breathing normally, taking slow deep breathes can reduce your stress levels dramatically as can exercise and laughing.  (what did the fish say when it swam into the wall?<— scroll down for answer)

Are you positive?  Do you think highly of yourself?  Do you ever participate in “fat talk” or bash your own body image?  If so, watch THIS!!!!

Weekend Workout

Jumping Jacks
Ice Skaters
Jump Squats
Alternating Reverse Lunges
Mountain Climber
Prisoner Squat
Dead Bugs
Alternating Lateral Lunges

40 seconds on/20 seconds off  3 rounds

A: Dam
See I just made you laugh and lowered your stress level!!!!

Motivational Monday

Don’t hit the snooze button!!!

Every day is a series of conflicts between the right way and the easy way.  Each day you have a choice to take the easy way out, or get after whatever it is you want.  Some days you’re going to have to grind it out, struggle, push through, but you have to keep going.  Taking the easy way out is exactly what it is.  EASY! 
That’s not you.  You push, you claw, you climb, ignoring the voices in your head to take that easy road. 

  It’s a