Fitness Friday

Green, Red, Orange, White, and Purple! All fun colors, but they’re not just for looking at.  They present a guide for what kinds of fruits and vegetables to have.  Each color representing certain nutrients that are unique to the color.  You see, these colors tell us what phytonutrients are inside, and you want to get at least a cup of each to maximize your health.  Here’s a great little cheat sheet to help you out.

There’s always conflicting information out there about what you should eat, what you shouldn’t eat.  Frankly it can get very confusing, especially when there are foods that you were told were bad for you are actually quite beneficial.  Here are 7 foods that make the list, with my favorite being eggs, as eggs make people panic.  You’re missing out on a lot of key vitamins and mineral by skipping the yolk. 

Are you stressed?  Did you know that high stress levels can lead to an increase in body fat through several hormonal pathways?  Its a delicate balance of several hormones, namely insulin & cortisol. 
The takeaway from this article is to manage your stress levels along with your blood sugar and by all means avoid combining high stress with high sugar crap foods. 

 “Greatness is never on sale”  -Eric Thomas

Weekend Workout
Plank 60s
Side Plank 40s
Dead Bug 20x
Bird/Dog 20x
Ab Runner 20x

KB/DB Snatch 5 x 5 each arm

Elevated Split Squat
TRX/Ball Rollout
TRX/Bodyweight Row

Burpee 10-8-6-4-2-1
KB Swing 20

Motivational Monday

Most people are focused on the result, I look at the results as a bonus.  Sure I have specific goals that I’m working towards but I think the process of getting there is much more important than the end result.  It’s the work that transcends, the work builds character and sharpens you.  The work teaches you humility & aggression.  The work strengthens you physically and mentally.  The process is really what it is all about.  The results…they will take care of themselves. 
-Adam DiBella

Switch your mentality to things you can control like behavior.  Set up behavior goals, performance goals.  If you take care of that, the results that you want in the end usually will take care of themselves.  Focus on eating clean, focus on getting in your training sessions. 

Fitness Friday

It’s cold and flu season and undoubtedly that means you’re gonna get sick.  You want to get in that training session because you hate to miss a workout, but are you doing more harm than good to your body by working out sick?  Well you have to look at your symptoms.  A quick neck check will show you whether you should take the day off, or head to the gym. 

The average body is 75% water.  Are you doing your best to keep it hydrated?  There is a chance that dehydration is making you sick, fat & tired.  With each percentage of dehydration, your body becomes less and less efficient, which makes you body work that much harder to reach balance.  Remember to drink your water!

What’s the #1 piece of nutrition advice you get when you say you need to go on a diet?

What have I said before? Avoid demonizing a particular nutrient being that they all serve a purpose.  Your body needs carbs, its a primary source of energy.  Now I’m not saying go out and gorge on bread and pasta(unless you’re planning on running a high endurance race like a marathon).  I am saying be smart.  What you need to start planning on is avoiding processed carbs.
The ultimate goal is play around with your carb amounts, experiment, and see what works for you.  Some do better with more, some with less. 
While we’re on processed carbs and not demonizing nutrients, lets talk about fat.  It turns out recommendations to shy away from fat were wrong and sent us on a collision course with the obesity problems we’re facing today.  Sugar, rather than fat is the real culprit of our nutritional struggles. 
Weekend Workout:
KB Deadlift
KB High Pulls
KB Goblet Squat
KB Reverse Lunges
45sec on/15sec off
Glute Bridges
Dead Bugs
KB Deadlift
KB High Pulls
KB Goblet Squat
KB Reverse Lunges
45sec on/15sec off
Vipr/DB Lunge Forward/Reverse/Lateral 8per leg
Rows 15
Side Plank 30s

Motivational Monday

“The biggest part of success is simply showing up.”

What exactly does that quote mean?  More importantly, what does it mean to you?

When I think about that quote, I think about persistence.  I think about why I wake up in the morning. I think about why I put in long hours trying to drive AMP to be the best possible training facility.  I think about you, our fitness family, our AMP family. 

Are there days when you wake up and you just don’t feel like going to the gym?  Or you don’t feel like doing ____?  I’m sure those days exist.  But you know what?

Just Show Up!
If you just get to the gym, you’ve gotten the hard part out of the way.  You showed up.
There are 86,400 seconds in a day and each one of them is an opportunity for success, an opportunity for greatness, an opportunity to show up!
Just Show Up!!

Fitness Friday

Nutrition can be downright confusing.  There are so many things that people tell you to eat or avoid, or you can only eat at this time, blah, blah, blah.  So many voices, so much to make sense of.  It doesn’t have to be that confusing.  It went from cutting fat, to cutting carbs, and now being fearful of gluten.  We seem to always be in search of that one magic bullet that will enable us to lose weight.  Want the secret?  It takes consistency!  It means consistent effort & work in terms of your training and your nutrition. 

Want more evidence of the craziness of our diets over the years?  You need to check out these charts!
There has been a dramatic shift in our diets from increasing our intake of fruit juices, to decreasing the amount of fat we eat to an increase in processed foods.  It’s scary when its presented in a graph and you see the trends of our nutrition. 

Because of these trends in our nutrition, we end up lacking in several key nutrients.  Things like iron, calcium, fiber, potassium, and vitamin D go by the wayside.  Start eating more whole foods.

There have been articles posted here on how exercise affects your brain, but a new study aimed to look at what being sedentary does to your brain.  Granted this study was done on rats, but there is an interesting result that could show why sitting on the couch and being inactive can lead to high blood pressure and heart disease. 

There is HOPE!  One workout can change everything for your body, from stress reduction to altered DNA to just feeling happy. So do yourself a favor, and get those workouts in.

Weekend Workout
TRX/Bodyweight Row/Pushups 20s on/10off  8rnds (4 rnds of each)

Plank 60s
Deadbug 20

Reverse Lunge 20son/10off 8rnds (4rnds left leg, 4rnds right leg)

Plank 60s
Superman 20

Swings 20s on/10off 8 rnds

Plank 60s
Bird/Dog 20

Mountain Climbers/Ice Skaters 20s on/10 off 8 rnds (4rnds of each)

Deadbugs 20
Superman 20
Bird/Dog 20