Fitness Friday

What would it take to get you to commit to a lifestyle of exercise and proper nutrition?  What would it take for a loved one, a friend, a co-worker?  All of the long term health benefits may have zero effect on whether someone takes on a healthier life.  Show them the short term, immediate benefits and you may have a chance.  We live in a “now” world, where everything had to be done yesterday, so this makes sense. 
Changing Tune on Exercise

We posted this article on our Facebook page and got a great response from it, so we wanted to post it again.  Starvation isn’t the answer.  Low calorie isn’t necessarily the answer either, nor is the BS marketing that plays on low cal = best.  The most powerful picture in this entire article is the girl at 3 different weights, but looking her best at the highest of the 3 weights (further showing that scale # is garbage).  Eat lots of whole foods, train smart and hard, and most of all don’t be afraid to build muscle. 
1,200 Calories

We often get wrapped up in doing certain things to ourselves that we know we shouldn’t, but we end up doing them anyway.  Have you ever done anything like that?  On this list, #12 hits close to home as does #28. 
Stop Doing These to Yourself

We love deadlifts.  Have you noticed?  It has so many benefits, such as strengthening the whole body in a big way and teaching the body how to move.  Most of all, anyone can pretty much deadlift in one way or another.  Want a stronger core?  Deadlift.  Want to look awesome?  Deadlift.  Want leaner legs and shredded abs? Deadlift!
Oh and deadlifting is great for shedding lbs. via fat loss.  Heavy-ass lifting induces a growth hormone response, which increases the use of fat for energy.  Poof, fat loss!!

Weekend Workout

Pick a variation, straight bar, hex bar, sumo, conventional, and work on your pulling. 

Start off with 50 bird/dog reaches & 50 dead bugs to warm up, then hit those lifts. 

Start off in a rep range of 5-8. 

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