Fitness Friday

Have you ever wondered if those meal replacements work for you?  They probably would in the short term, but over the long haul, they don’t seem like a sustainable diet.  Do you know what goes into those meal replacement shakes?  Do you know the exact ingredients?
This is a great look inside the world of meal replacements:
Meal Replacements

We’ve all heard that we have to stay in the “Fat Burning Zone.” That specific target heart rate in which the body utilizes more fat than carbohydrates.  It’s just garbage.  It’s not about a certain time period, say the 30 minutes you did on the treadmill.  It’s about fat burning over the course of the day, or weeks.
The Fat Burning Zone

There are certain foods that are packed with nutrients that your body needs to stimulate fat loss. When you body has certain deficiencies, it makes it harder for fat loss to occur.  Try some of these foods to get an added boost.
Top Ten Nutrients

Sometimes we’re on the run and we get caught up in work, school, kids, etc that we don’t have time to fit in a workout or a trip to the gym.  Luckily there is a list of 50 great exercises in which you only need your body weight.  Give ’em a try!!
Bodyweight Exercises

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