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Much of the diet and fitness advice that is portrayed over and over again is often over-hyped and full of misinformation.  That’s the problem.  We blindly follow whatever diet is trendy and in the news, thinking this just might be the one that takes you to the promised land of losing weight.
But what ends up happening?  You don’t, or you do for a short period of time and then plateau and/or gain it back.  It’s often a simple but not easy solution, however its not one that sells, its not full of hype, and it certainly won’t be a screaming headline.  It’s about making smarter choices, not eating crap, and not falling into extremes of eating less/exercising more.  Check this out for more detail:
Fat Loss Mistakes- Adam Bornstein

In addition to those nutrition mistakes that we all fall prey to, there are several mistakes people, in particular women, make when walking into a gym to work out.  Among them, not lifting heavy enough, being obsessed over training abs, and overdoing cardio/aerobics.
10 Mistakes in the Gym

Carbs are made to be the enemy when it comes to fat loss, when in fact they are an essential part of your nutrition plan, especially if you are active.  Cutting carbs down to really low levels can be more detrimental to your success than you may think, and here are 5 signs you should be taking in more.
More Carbs?

Lastly, because I want to educate and make you aware of the garbage, quick fix, nonsense that gets promoted, I want you to avoid this “thigh gap” obsession.  Thigh gap is not a matter of fat for the most part.
It is usually due to hip width, which is entirely your skeletal structure, which is largely genetics.  Don’t get wrapped up in the hype.
Thigh Gap BS

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