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Exercise is important.  But do you have a healthy relationship with it?  Do you look at exercise in a positive light?  Or do you look at it as punishment for your “eating sins?”  Find that balance between doing nothing and obsessing over how much you exercise.
#2 and #3 are my favorites on this list because I don’t think people realize the benefits of “off days.”  As a trainer, I can honestly say I train myself 4 times a week, using the other 3 as rest/recovery days to work on mobility, foam rolling, stretching etc.
I like #3 because I just eat.  I don’t think about x,y, and z.  I eat because I know that if I don’t, my training sessions will suffer, my strength gains will suffer, and I wont progress as much as I want.
What’s your relationship with exercise?
Oh the myths of the exercise and fitness world!!  There are so many.  My favorites in this list are 1, 2 & 10. Fat and carbs are not the enemy.  Demonizing one particular nutrient just creates a void in your nutritional strategy and will lead to deficiencies.  Did you know that in order to absorb calcium, you need to consume fat?  
#10 I’ve stressed over and over and over again till I’m blue in the face.
My question for you, that I’m stealing from Jessie Mundell, is if you stayed the exact same weight you are now, but your body looked exactly how you want it to look, would that be OK?  Would you be happy?
Think on that!!
Are you a Zombie?  Or a nutritional zombie?  Are you getting drained by restricting yourself from everything thinking its the only way? It’s not.  Nutrition isn’t as complicated as we all make it out to be.  All the “eat this, not that” nonsense.  Eat Food.  Not BS shakes or following the next fad whatever.  Be simple in your approach and you’ll be much happier.

Don’t believe all the hype that you see on infomercials touting the next big thing to help you lose weight. Odds are the results are bogus, and the behind the scenes stuff is insane.  For one, the before and after pictures are totally fake and staged.  All it takes is better lighting, better posture, and wearing different kinds of clothes.  I can make a killer before and after picture just by changing how I stand and my facial expression.  Don’t believe everything you read/see.
Reality behind weight loss ads

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