Motivational Monday

‘You have power over your mind-not outside events.  Realize this and you will find strength.”
Marcus Aurelius

No matter what, you control everything that happens in your mind.  You can either stay and fight for what you want, or you can give up and quit.
When the strong have nothing left, they fight!!
When the weak have nothing left, they quit, give in, & surrender!!

Which one are you going to be?

Fitness Friday

We all love the Burpee!!  It’s that full body, fun exercise that just puts a smile on everyone’s face.  Oh wait, nope!  Its the exact opposite of that.  Where did your trainer come up with such an evil exercise?  Probably deep down, in that sick, twisted part of their brain.

How many of you have anxiety or panic attacks about going out to a restaurant to eat?  It doesn’t have to be that complicated if you don’t make it to be.  They key is having a plan of action.  Avoiding going out to restaurants is just crazy & unrealistic.  Try some of these alternative plans for the next time you go out.
Dieting at Restaurants

Tips on losing weight come from everywhere.  Everyone seems to have an opinion and sometimes they can be conflicting.  Out of 25 experts, the few consistencies among them were drinking plenty of water & eating clean, whole, real foods.  Keep it simple!
Tips on losing weight

One of our goals is to educate and there is no further evidence that it is needed when talking about “detoxes” or “cleanses.”  First off, there is no real need to do either.  You have a liver!  End of story.  If you really want to detox, eat real foods, avoid processed food, drink more water(hmmm a theme) & exercise.
Read this for more information gains.  Detox?

Motivational Monday

Nothing is impossible.  You have a dream, a goal, go get it.  Don’t let any obstacles stand in your way.
I dare you to watch this video and not have any sort of reaction.

Push yourself past what you think your limits are.  Surprise yourself.

Fitness Friday

Article of the Week:

Fat Loss Lies– Abs are made in kitchen.  Fat loss will not happen over night, and it will not react on whims of the day to day.  It is a process, a journey.  The worst thing you could do is to be impatience with the process.  That moment when you are about to give up, that’s most likely the moment that everything will happen for you.

There is so much that goes into fat loss. If you want to read the exact mechanisms that go into it, read on here.
Its more than just eat less and exercise more, and that strategy could set you up to fail.

Hidden Sugar: Sugar hides in just about everything we eat.  We try to stay away from sugar as much as possible, shunning cookies and cakes, but there are other places where sugar hides.

Fit It In:  I get it, there are times when you don’t want to work out.  Sometimes there’s not enough hours in the day.  There are, however, many ways to get your workout in, if you apply some strategies.  

Weekend Workout Tip:
Stop stressing about everything.  Find your goals, and design a plan to reach your goals.  Make sure it’s specific and it is realistic.  The more you focus on every little thing, the more you are going to drive yourself crazy.  You cant control everything, why start now.