Where do your priorities lie?

As Gandhi says, what we do, what our actions are, reflect where our priorities lie.  In our society, spending habits in terms of money and time seem to be a good indicator of priorities.  If we spend a lot on one thing over another,  it’s clearly more important to us.  Go take a look at your spending habits:

How much you pay for cable TV?
How much time do you watch TV?
How much is your monthly phone bill?
How often are you checking Facebook, Instagram etc?
How much do you spend on entertainment or eating out at restaurants?
How much do you spend on your fitness goals?
How much do you spend on great nutrition?

Are your priorities all lined up with what you say you want?  Or are there multiple things in front of what you say you want?
One of the best things I’ve heard, or maybe I made it up myself is that you are going to spend time and money on your health.  It’s inevitable.  The key question is whether your are going to be proactive with exercise and nutrition, or reactive with doctors and medication.

There are 168 hours in a week.  That is plenty of time to get stuff done whether they are bringing you closer to your goals or further away.  So….
Where are you spending that time?

Here’s what you are going to do to find out where your priorities are?  Much like a food journal, I want you to keep track of how many hours you are dedicating to everything you do.

  • Internet time
  • TV time
  • Nutrition/Meal prep time 
  • Exercise time
  • Etc

You can literally add an category you want!

After a week, you’ll get a better picture of what you are doing and where you spend a majority of your time.  Then you can see if your actions really line up with what you say you want.  

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