Strengths & Weaknesses

“Our strength grows out of our weaknesses.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

When we focus solely on our strengths, we only get better & stronger at what we’re good at.  Only by taking a look at our weaknesses, assessing what they are, can we solve them and turn them into strengths.  

We often only do what we’re good at because it is comfortable and we know we’ll be successful at it.  There is a lot of fear in taking a look at our weaknesses because we fear that they will lead to failure. 

We all have them.  They keep us from accomplishing what we want because of that fear.  

Make your weaknesses your strengths.  Attack them, change them.  

Recently I’ve switched up my training program so that my areas of weakness can become my strength.  I got so comfortable doing things that I’m good at, that my strength was stagnating.  
Now it’s time to assess my weaknesses, do things I’m not so comfortable doing, do things that I’m probably not good at, and make what were my weaknesses, my strengths.  

What do you think your weaknesses are? 
How can you make them your strengths?

Examine your weaknesses.
Figure out your strengths.
Figure out how to make your weaknesses into your strengths.


“Let your passion be the reason for your existence and your successes the result of your persistence”

Where does your passion lie?  
What are you passionate about?  

Our passion lies with making sure we give you our very best. That starts with our dedication to your success and that means a passion for education, your education.
That’s why we take the time to instruct, coach, and correct everything we do.  That’s why there is a section full of articles that have the potential to help you, to give you tips on how to be better.

There is an enormous amount of useless misinformation out there that is full of pseudoscience and mumbo-jumbo.  It’s an overload of misleading, awful information that the public just eats up, because health, fitness, and losing weight is emotional.  It has such an emotional factor to it, that anything that promises weight loss, or increased health, no matter how irrational or fraudulent it may be, sells.  In reality, most of it has no basis in the real training world.
“Get your flat abs doing these 3 moves.”  Really?!?  No, your abs will not get flat doing those 3 moves.  Yes, your abs will work, but flat abs come from proper diet and exercise intensity. 

Take this pill, or powder, or whatever and boom, you’ll lose weight.
Try this cleanse!!
Too much info dilutes really good info.

With each and every training session, we try to teach our clients a little more.  It could be something small like a new way to stretch, if you should stretch at all, or maybe its learning how to foam roll, or about proper nutrition, but the key is, its something.
Something you can take away from your training session and apply to your every day life.
Nothing makes us prouder than seeing a client incorporate our advice and see success.
We are always available to answer any questions you have or and advice you may seek.  We don’t keep anything a secret, we don’t keep our methods to ourselves.
We believe that an educated client makes the best client because an educated client will take ownership over their progress and their success.

Lastly, our greatest joys come in the little things, like seeing a client hit a PR on a lift, or all of sudden being able to move pain free, or having that a-ha moment where they get it, even if its just an a-ha on one particular exercise.  They still get it.  

That is what we are passionate about.  I ask “What are you passionate about?”