Strengths & Weaknesses

“Our strength grows out of our weaknesses.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

When we focus solely on our strengths, we only get better & stronger at what we’re good at.  Only by taking a look at our weaknesses, assessing what they are, can we solve them and turn them into strengths.  

We often only do what we’re good at because it is comfortable and we know we’ll be successful at it.  There is a lot of fear in taking a look at our weaknesses because we fear that they will lead to failure. 

We all have them.  They keep us from accomplishing what we want because of that fear.  

Make your weaknesses your strengths.  Attack them, change them.  

Recently I’ve switched up my training program so that my areas of weakness can become my strength.  I got so comfortable doing things that I’m good at, that my strength was stagnating.  
Now it’s time to assess my weaknesses, do things I’m not so comfortable doing, do things that I’m probably not good at, and make what were my weaknesses, my strengths.  

What do you think your weaknesses are? 
How can you make them your strengths?

Examine your weaknesses.
Figure out your strengths.
Figure out how to make your weaknesses into your strengths.

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