Fitness Friday

There’s always a lot of great articles to go through when putting together this list.  Presenting info that is both informative and relevant goes along with making sure you have the best info at your disposal.  Educating you and not letting you fall for some of the garbage that is out there is important.  It helps in the long struggle to get rid of myths, false claims, and bad information.

One of the biggest pieces of garbage out there is the “detox.” There is no need to buy $60 juices that are marketed as some cure for weight loss or a “jumpstart.”  It’s freakin juice!! Nothing special at all.  Do you have a liver? Is it functioning properly? Do you have kidneys?  Are they functioning? Did you answer Yes to those questions?  Awesome, you have all the detox tools you need!!  Yay!
Here are some more useless diet claims: Diet Claims

Along those lines, we’ve often been fed nutritional advice and we take it as fact all the time because “Person A” or “Person B” said so.  Advice from long ago to avoid fat, to make everything low fat is kind of why our society is in the obesity epidemic it is in.  What other crappy advice have we been told?
Destructive Nutrition Lies

This is an upcoming post that will likely be posted Wednesday, but a little preview is that exercise needs to be associated with loving your body, loving the feeling of your body moving.  Not because you hate your body.  You exercise to feel good, to get that rush of endorphins that are released when you exercise.  It is no way, shape, or form punishment.  It should not be punishment for that cheeseburger or those cookies. 
This article touches on that kind of mindset, and how exercise is becoming the next “eating disorder”
Exercise Bulimia

On a lighter note, here are 15 weird fitness records.  I really only heard of the plank record, the rest are kind of interesting to down right weird. 
Fitness Records

In honor of Easter, here are some great ideas for Easter Baskets that goes past the usual jelly beans.
Easter Basket

Weekend Workout

Jump Squats
TRX Rows
Reverse Lunges

30 seconds on/20 seconds off x 4 rounds
Take 60-90 seconds between rounds

Fitness Friday

Why do diets fail?  Because in the long run, they are not sustainable.  They are often restrictive, and make people miserable, or suffer.  Weight loss does not have to equal suffering.  Try switching your approach from restricting yourself to enjoying your food and following a nutrition plan that you can sustain that is based on healthier habits, such as swapping calorie/sugar high soda for water. 
The Diet Fix- Dr. Yoni Freedhoff

We’re all unique. There’s no one-size-fits all rule!  Find what works for you in terms of what you eat, why you eat, how you eat, & how much you eat!
Then you can start to think about when you eat.
Nutrient Timing?- Precision Nutrition

I want you to take on this challenge.  It seems most of us, we crap on ourselves on an almost daily basis.  Take this 10 question quiz, keep your results, and then work on the challenge for the next 28 days.
28 Day Love your Body Challenge- Molly Galbraith
Then start with Day 1!

Weekend Workout Tip:
More is not necessarily better.  Better is better.  If you’re having a hard time getting through workouts, are sluggish, or just aren’t seeing results, its quite possible you are not recovering well enough.  Adjust your training strategy, take a few days off, adjust your nutrition plan(maybe you’re not eating enough), and SLEEP!!

When I say sleep, I mean restful, all the way through the night 7-8 hours of sleep with ZERO interruptions!!

Fitness Friday

Green, Red, Orange, White, and Purple! All fun colors, but they’re not just for looking at.  They present a guide for what kinds of fruits and vegetables to have.  Each color representing certain nutrients that are unique to the color.  You see, these colors tell us what phytonutrients are inside, and you want to get at least a cup of each to maximize your health.  Here’s a great little cheat sheet to help you out.

There’s always conflicting information out there about what you should eat, what you shouldn’t eat.  Frankly it can get very confusing, especially when there are foods that you were told were bad for you are actually quite beneficial.  Here are 7 foods that make the list, with my favorite being eggs, as eggs make people panic.  You’re missing out on a lot of key vitamins and mineral by skipping the yolk. 

Are you stressed?  Did you know that high stress levels can lead to an increase in body fat through several hormonal pathways?  Its a delicate balance of several hormones, namely insulin & cortisol. 
The takeaway from this article is to manage your stress levels along with your blood sugar and by all means avoid combining high stress with high sugar crap foods. 

 “Greatness is never on sale”  -Eric Thomas

Weekend Workout
Plank 60s
Side Plank 40s
Dead Bug 20x
Bird/Dog 20x
Ab Runner 20x

KB/DB Snatch 5 x 5 each arm

Elevated Split Squat
TRX/Ball Rollout
TRX/Bodyweight Row

Burpee 10-8-6-4-2-1
KB Swing 20

Motivational Monday

Most people are focused on the result, I look at the results as a bonus.  Sure I have specific goals that I’m working towards but I think the process of getting there is much more important than the end result.  It’s the work that transcends, the work builds character and sharpens you.  The work teaches you humility & aggression.  The work strengthens you physically and mentally.  The process is really what it is all about.  The results…they will take care of themselves. 
-Adam DiBella

Switch your mentality to things you can control like behavior.  Set up behavior goals, performance goals.  If you take care of that, the results that you want in the end usually will take care of themselves.  Focus on eating clean, focus on getting in your training sessions. 

Are you taking care of your body?

Why do we encourage our clients to do self myofascial release (SMR) when it has the potential to be painful.  Isn’t the first rule of training clients to do no harm?  In the case of SMR, the pain is actually a good thing.

For some of you, you may be thinking, “what the hell is he talking about?”

Well SMR pretty much is a mini self massage through the use of foam rollers, lacrosse balls, tennis balls, massage balls and many other tools.  (For a good resource, check out Trigger Point Therapy).

Anatomy/Physiology Lesson:
Muscles are made up of little fibers and cells.  All muscles have fibers that align in a specific direction and all have the potential to grow in size(hypertrophy) and get stronger.  However, when we exercise, these little fibers get what we call “micro tears” in which the body has to heal.  When healed correctly, the muscle ends up stronger than before.  As with any “injury,” whether intentional (exercise) or unintentional (sprains, tears, strains etc) scar tissue (think of a web) is formed.

This is where good movement skills come in to play.  When you have solid movement patterns, this scar tissue easily aligns with the surrounding muscle fibers.  When you have less than stellar movement patterns, or a more serious injury, bigger, more restrictive areas of scar tissue forms, causing knots to form.  As what is often the case, most people have compensation patterns and often times form knots in several areas, namely shoulders, neck, upper back/traps.

You need to break up these “knots” using the previously mentioned foam rollers and balls.  As painful as it may be sometimes to break them up, it actually has tremendous benefit.  For one, you increase blood flow to the area, which will encourage the healing process.  Secondly putting pressure on these spots pulls on the scar tissue and forces it to realign with the surrounding muscle fibers.

Grab a foam roller or lax ball or massage ball.  Find those knots, and work them out.  It may be painful, but the only way to restore proper function to the muscle is to work through that pain (this is the only place I’ll say “work through the pain”).  I can guarantee it’ll be the most uncomfortable thing you’ll do in a gym, but in the long run, it will be worth it.  The major spots that I see the most issues are the hips/glutes and upper back/shoulder/neck.

At AMP, we encourage, sometimes down right force our clients to do all sorts of SMR and stretching.  AMP now has an LMT on staff to do Sports Massage to help aid in recovery and “treatment” of any aches, pains, or dysfunctions you may have. 
We do this because we know that in the long run our clients will benefit.  And in the end, that’s what it’s all about.