Fitness Friday

What if there were a drug or magic pill that could treat and/or prevent many of the chronic diseases a majority of Americans face?  Well you are in luck, there is!  It’s called EXERCISE!  The benefits of exercise are long and well known.  It can help improve memory, lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, ease arthritis pain, and reduce general inflammation.  Moral of the story:  The more you move, the better you’ll feel.  Do you know someone that could benefit from exercise?  I’m sure you do.  Tell them to start moving, their health depends on it!!

2014 is upon us and January is all about setting new goals.  Letting go of bad habits and letting go of negative thoughts is a great way to start off 2014 on a positive note.  Let go of negativity, fear, worry, regret, and quite possibly the most important, let go of self hate.  Let go of that voice in your head that says you’re not good enough, or strong enough, or the right weight.

If your goal is fat loss, take a look at these tips that could help speed up your progress.  Among my favorites on the list are drinking water(#31),  doing strongman exercises(#17), and getting more sleep(#47).

Weekend Workout
Make sure you start with a proper warm-up to get your core temperature up and get mobility in your joints

DB Chest Press-12
Reverse Lunge- 8
Row- 15
3 sets

Lunges- 15
Push-ups- 15
Ice Skaters- 30
3 sets

Pull-ups- 10
Bodyweight Row- 10
Squat Press/Thruster-10
3 sets

Plank- 40 seconds
Mountain Climbers 20 seconds
4 sets with no rest